Have you read all those articles which state the Chromecast is “really only $11 when you factor in three free months of Netflix”? Not so fast.

First, it can be argued those “savings” really only apply to existing customers. If you have a Netflix account, the savings will apply, giving you a discount. If you don’t have an existing account (and weren’t interested in having one), you’ve not spent anything for Netflix anyway, so it’s no harm, no foul. A three month trial is still a pretty good deal, and a very compelling reason to buy a Chromecast, but that leads us into the second topic.

It seems the promotional three month trial for Netflix is over already. While it was always “for a limited time”, that usually means a period of weeks, not hours. According to Google Play Store representatives, the offer is no longer being offered via any retailers. We’ve seen a few comment on our original post about this, and at least one other post on another website.

According to another representative who spoke with a commenter, if you ordered before 3:00 PST today (that’s Thursday, July 25th if you’re not near a calendar), you’re eligible for the promotion. Some who have ordered are reporting that they have yet to receive their email from Netflix with the promotional code, so it may end up being another case of the Google product launch blues.

Let us know in the comments section below what’s going on with your Chromecast, if you ordered one.