Netflix has been available for those in the UK for some time now. In fact, an Android app launched way back in January of this year. But while a regular Netflix for Android app has been available by way of Google Play, that hasn’t yet been of benefit for those sporting a Kindle Fire. Of course, we cannot fault Netflix all that bad considering the Kindle Fire has only been available for a few days now.

That being said, the Netflix app for the Kindle Fire can be downloaded from the Amazon Appstore. The app is free to download, however you will need a subscription to actually be able to use it. Well, technically speaking, you can get a free trial before you begin to pay.

Simply put, those in the UK with a Kindle Fire can now begin enjoying streaming while on the go. And that means you will be able to watch everything that is available with Netflix UK. With that, those in the UK with a Kindle Fire in-hand, launch the Appstore on your device, search for and download Netflix and you will be streaming in just a minute or two.

Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson can be described as a technology blogger, a new media junkie, a distance runner as well as a proud husband and father. More to the point though, he is just an all around geek who loves to write about Android.