Lastpass Authenticator

LastPass, the popular password management service, has just released its own two-factor authentication app to the Google Play Store. Available for Android and iOS, LastPass Authenticator will bring two-factor authentication (2FA) to your LastPass account and other supported applications.

To setup 2FA with LastPass Authenticator, just connect the app to any supported services that you’d like. It will then send out a unique 6-digit code that will grant you access to your account. Of course, this code will only be sent to you, so you’ll be the only one that has access to this part of the sign-in process. LastPass Authenticator works with any service or app that supports Google Authenticator or TOTP-based 2FA methods, so this reaches far beyond simply protecting your own LastPass Vault.

There are a few other nifty features that come along with this new service. Much like other 2FA services, you can set devices as “trusted”, allowing you to bypass 2FA when you’re on that device. There’s also SMS support, so you can get a text message with your unique code if you prefer to receive it that way.

The app is now available for free in the Play Store. Follow the link below for the download! If you’ve given it a shot, be sure to let us know how you like it in the comments below.

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