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Play music like a Martian with the Nebula Levitating Speaker

Take your music back to the future with a Nebula Levitating Speaker. You can save over 50% and upgrade your tunes for $140.
November 9, 2019

Too many modern speakers look so boring. Everything is either a box, a tube, or a weird cone shape. Why not grab a functional and futuristic Nebula Levitating Speaker for $140 and leave those boring cubes behind?

The Nebula looks like the Death Star if you surrounded it with the ring from Halo. Don’t even tell me that you can find a cooler looking speaker. There’s even a built-in microphone for you to take phone calls completely hands-free. You might not have a floating car like the Jetsons, but you can feel like you’re zooming into the future.

Project crisp 360-degree surround sound.

A futuristic speaker like this just wouldn’t be the same if you had to connect your phone with a wire. Well, the Nebula is Bluetooth powered and you can connect your devices from 32 feet away

In case a floating speaker isn’t attention-grabbing enough, the Nebula doubles as an energy-efficient LED lamp. You can relax, read a book, and enjoy a soft, soothing glow. When you’re ready to turn in for the night, pop on your soothing sounds and let Nebula double as a calm nightlight.

Nebula Levitating Speaker highlights:

  • Enjoy rich, immersive surround sound with the open design.
  • Connect wirelessly with 32ft Bluetooth range.
  • Take advantage of the LED feature as a lamp or nightlight.
  • The rotating speaker pumps sound 360 degrees to fill your space.

The Nebula Levitating speaker retails at $300, but for a limited time, you can enjoy savings of over 50%. For only $140, you can enjoy the features of a lamp, the sounds of a speaker, and the conversation-starter of a levitating gadget. Seriously, it levitates. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

The price drop is temporary and holiday season is approaching. Hit the button below and upgrade your sound.

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