The advent of the smartphone led a to thriving application development community. With the right technical knowledge, anyone can try their hand at app development. While some view it as a hobby, many have turned app development into a lucrative business.

But developers who release free Android applications are restricted to a few revenue options, such as in-app ads, that take away from the user experience. StartApp is a new monetization and distribution platform for free applications that offers developers a chance to generate real revenue from free apps, while also improving the experience for the users.

StartApp sent out a survey to all their Android application developers and have released the results in a form of an infographic. The infographic answers several question related to app developers, how they work, and what makes them tick. The questions cover every area, ranging from what OS and markets they develop for, to their favorite type of music, movies, and sports.

What are your thoughts? Did any of the answers in the infographic surprise you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ankit Banerjee
My primary profession lies in the Network Design Engineering field. I have always been passionate about the latest trends in mobile communication advances around the world.