NBA All-Star 2013

Are you a big fan of the NBA? Whether you are planning to attend this weekend’s NBA All-Star 2013 game or are simply looking for a preview of what to expect, you’ll want to grab the official NBA All-Star 2013 app.

The app is available through Google Play and makes it easy to follow along with news, video highlights, voting for MVP awards and much more. Actually attending the event? The app also gives you ticket details, parking options, places to pick up official memorabilia and maps of related venues in Houston.

What if you aren’t coming to the event? It is still a great way to track what is going on, and is certainly the next best thing to physically attending. The only thing that would be better is if they actually provided live audio or video of the event through the app. We can dream at least.

NBA All-Star 2013

Officially the app is sponsored by Sprint, but is fully compatible with any Android smartphone or tablet. The NBA isn’t exactly known for offering much when it comes to free apps, so this is a nice treat. Even better, the app is actually well put together and somewhat follows Holo guidelines to create a clean, usable interface that is one of the best you’ll find in a sports app.

Will you be in Houston for the event this weekend? If so, you will certainly want to grab this free and official NBA app.

Andrew Grush
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