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Name your price for 4 exciting Android games in the new Indie Gala!

June 19, 2012

Do you guys remember the Humble Bundles that let you pay as much as you wanted for a bunch of exciting and cool indie games for Android and PC? Of course you do, which is why I’m sure you’ll want in on the new Indie Gala, which offers you the chance to get as much as 10 cool video games for a rather small investment.

The Indie Gala targets Android users, who can get their hands on 4 mobile games for just a dollar. Great Little War Game, Cardinal Quest, Smiles HD and Legends of Yore can be yours right now if you head on over to the Indie Gala official website and make your bid.

While I’m sure most of you might be tempted to only pay $1, and get the four games, you should think really hard before making your offer on the bundle. Why is that? Because if you forget all about stinginess for a moment or two, you’ll get some additional rewards that will certainly be worth your money.

By paying more than the average (currently $4.38, but it might go up soon), you’ll get the 4 Android games mentioned above, as well as six PC games. Cardinal Quest, Smiles HD and Legends  of Yore can be on your desktop, too, in addition to Turba, Pitiri 1977 and Manor of the Damned. Still not convinced to get a tad over 4 bucks out of your pockets for all these games? Maybe two “magic music albums”, also included in the “deal”, will help seal it once and for all.

Furthermore, you can decide for yourselves where the money goes and you can split them up between game developers, IndieGala and two charity causes that really need your help. One is “AbleGamers”, a foundation that helps people with disabilities and war veterans to find moral support in video games, and the other is Emilia Romagna, an Italian region recently hit by a terrible earthquake.

The Indie Gala bundle for Android will be available for three more days and, for the time being, there have been 2,100 game packages already sold, which has raised a little over $9,000. That’s not bad, but it’s clear that we could do a lot better, especially considering the fact that all of those games’ retail prices would be around $150 (if purchased separately) and the current top contributor has only donated $51.

How about it, folks? Are you willing to make a good deed and at the same time get some nice cool games for your Android device and PC?