Sony Honami

It’s still the Honami… for now.

The Honami looks like it will be a great device. If all the rumors are true, it looks like Sony has it all figured out (on paper, at least).

While the rumors aren’t far-fetched, they are just that right now. Though we like the ‘Honami’ moniker, it’s probably not conducive to sales here in the United States. Consumers will want something a little more approachable when referencing their device.

The crew at Xperia Blog have been speculating on the actual name we’ll get for the device, with one XDA-er noting it could be the Z1. This falls in line with Sony’s recent slew of branding (Xperia Z, Z Ultra, etc.), but something about “1” seems off.

For one (punny!), everything is the “One” lately. The HTC One and all its variants, along with the new XBox — all named One. It’s getting a little tired at this point, and we’d like to see Sony go a different route.

Rather than speculate, we’ll leave it up to you. What would you name the new Sony Honami? I’m a big fan of the Monkey King, but that one’s taken. My second favorite is probably highly speculative, but I’ll say it anyway: The Nexus 5.

Vote in our poll, and feel free to comment if you have a better idea than Monkey King (hint: you don’t. It’s amazing.).

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