What is MyStocks?

As the name implies, MyStocks is an application that lets you view, keep an eye on, and find news about the stock market. It has a metric ton of information available at your finger tips, a load of features, and it’s all wrapped in a Holo-friendly design that’s easy to navigate. What more could you ask for?

Really, MyStocks has a lot of features. You can select stocks to keep an eye on and get real-time updates on all of them. This includes customizable alerts when stocks hit a certain price, graphs and charts to see how it’s been doing, and even news and analysis. It’s hard to narrow down the most useful features in so short a time because there are simply so many of them. However, we can say that all of the features added up creates something almost like an atmosphere of stock market information.

The interface is classic Holo so it’s easy to navigate and it’s well laid out. It comes with muted colors which are easy on the eyes and that’s really what you want when you’re staring at stock market numbers all the time. It also comes with a lot of peripheral features like Android Wear support, a Dashclock extension, and widgets. You can also make backups and restore if need be if the app starts acting wonky and you need to re-install it.

MyStocks review

This really is a nice stocks app


Whatever information you need, MyStocks pretty much as it.
Well designed interface that follows the Android design guidelines.
Extras like Android Wear support, Dashclock support, and widget support gives it that 'all around great' feeling.
One in app purchase for the premium version. No nickle and diming here.
Active and engaging developers have done well to answer customer concerns and fix bugs.


The app does have the capacity to act wonky after updates. It happens often enough that there's an FAQ for it.
Limited language support but the developer has stated that they'll do it if requested.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is an extremely efficient and well put together application. It has pretty much whatever information you may need about your stocks and it is wrapped in an easy-to-use and pleasant interface. It’s free with in app purchases but the in app purchases is simply a graduation to the premium version without ads. Check it out!

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