Yesterday, we brought you rumors of a new HTC phablet in the works. Today, we’d like to update to this announcement: Verizon may actually have this device in their possession for rollout soon. My, how time flies quickly in the world of mobile tech.

The image above shows the HTC 6435, which could also be the HTC Endeavour II, as mentioned by Chinese forums. Things are still at a rumor level but this image does confirm that the device is not just a prototype anymore. In fact, a carrier’s device management system will only show devices prior to rollout, so this is good news for people excited about the possible release of an HTC phablet soon.

As always, we’ll keep you fresh on the heels of what appears HTC trying to reclaim their former glory, and doing so with the biggest carrier in the US! Stay locked in to our Google + page for breaking developments!

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