samsung galaxy logo 2

A mysterious Samsung device has appeared on both the Bluetooth SIG and FCC certification pages recently, named the S-Circle. The FCC and Bluetooth listings also give the device’s model number (EI-AN900A) and describes the devices as an “activity tracker”.

Interestingly, the S-Circle contains the same family model code (EI-) as Samsung’s S-Band. We all know that Samsung is keen to promote its range of premium smartwatch products, but the company is also making a move into cheaper, fitness focused wearables to complement the S Health software which ships with premium Galaxy S smartphones. Perhaps this is where the S-Circle fits in?

The S-Circle also includes Bluetooth Low-Energy, and given that the company has only just announced its next line-up of display based wearables, suggests that this product is likely to be much closer to Samsung’s S Band and Heart Rate Monitor Band, which launched with Samsung’s older flagship Galaxy S4 handset, rather than another display based device like the Galaxy Fit.

It’s also quite possible that the S-Circle will combine the activity tracking function from the S Band with some form of heart rate monitoring in a single device, perhaps using a similar technology to the infrared heart rate monitor found in the Galaxy S5. If any of this speculation is accurate, this could all tie nicely together with Samsung’s latest S Health app.

Wearable technology is clearly a big talking (and selling) point at the moment, but are any of you interested in yet another Samsung wearable?