MySpace for Android

MySpace for Android

Yesterday I started playing around with the new MySpace application for Android. I have to admit, prior to yesterday I had never used MySpace before. I had to create an account (“AndroidAuthority“) for testing, so don’t blame me if I miss the point of some of the MySpace features.

In any case, installing the app from the Android Market was painless. In no time I was signed into my new MySpace account and was able to look around. The app lets users view messages, manage friend requests, leave comments for friends, upload photos to their profile, and set their personal status and mood. Seems to be pretty comprehensive, from what I can tell.

Whenever you try to send somebody a message, such as for requesting a friend link, the app asks you to prove your humanity by entering in a CAPTCHA code (those annoying squiggly letter number combinations that are hard to read). Apart from that minor annoyance, though, everything worked pretty well except for one failed message sending attempt.

It’s a solid application. A gallery of screen shots can be found below.

Darcy LaCouvee
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