google glass feature

The guys over at Android Police did a nifty little teardown of the MyGlass APK, and it yielded some interesting results. In case you’re not familiar, MyGlass is the companion app for Google Glass, and only for those who are in the program. If you or I download it… it would be useless. You need Glass, and Glass needs the app.

With any app, Google has what is called “Google Mobile Services”, which are tools that power the app. There are a ton of them, and not alll will be useful for a given app. When an update is done, or an app built, the necessary files are to be baked in, and the rest left behind. These files are what power your apps, and include everything from log-in credentials and permissions to GPS application.

So why is the MyGlass teardown so cool? Well, the app has everything, and that’s not normal. It seems as though Google just tossed everything into Glass. That could be a mistake, or it could be that Google wants to give the developers of a new device anything they could possibly need to produce great apps.

One of the more interesting inclusions is the “Games” folder, which has files for all manner of games. Gaming is one of the more anticipated parts of Glass, so we’re curious to see what developers can come up with. In checking the files out, any type of game is possible, though may be limited by the hardware capabilities.

Whether or not the entire suite of services will stay put is unknown. If we see an update to the app, removing some of these services, we’ll know it was a mistake. If we don’t… the playground is definitely open.