Wild Hare, LLC. has surpassed their $50,000 Kickstarter goal for My N3RD, a smartphone controlled, WiFi connected power switch and sensor. You still have until February 23rd to get in on the campaign, where a $75 pledge will get you a unit of your own with a July delivery date.

Electronic DIY-ers know that not every project is substantial enough to justify a full Raspberry Pi and Arduino setup and this is where My N3RD comes in to play. My N3RD combines some of the smarts of the Raspberry Pi with similar functions of Arduino into one minimalist device – a single unit that is both a WiFi connected mini-computer and a simple, switch and sensor, electronic control. Check out their video for a better description of how it works.

The team assures us that an Android app will be available before official launch.

If all you wish to do is turn on your coffee machine from the comfort of your warm bed in the morning or to use your phone to replace the factory key fob to lock/unlock your car doors, My N3RD is the perfect device. However, if you have joined me in dreaming of a fully automated kitchen, like Dr. Emmit Brown’s, you are going to need to pickup a handful of My N3RDs, and a Raspberry Pi too.

Check out the My N3RD Kickstarter campaign here, then join us in awaiting news on price and availability once this thing goes into full production.

What is the first thing you would do with this device?

Jonathan Feist

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