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My Little Pony Android game from Gameloft now available for all the Bronies out there.

There are quite a lot of people out there who enjoy My LIttle Pony. From kids around the world to hidden grown up fans known as Bronies, the My Little Pony franchise is enjoyed by all. Gameloft has released a game for Android that'll let you play as your favorite characters from My Little Pony.
November 10, 2012
My Little Pony
The My Little Pony franchise has brought happiness to millions of children around the world. Frighteningly, it has also brought joy to many grown men around the world who are known as Bronies. Young or old, near or far, you can experience My Little Pony in a new way. Yesterday, Gameloft released My Little Pony, the video game for Android.

The story premise is sure to get fans excited. After centuries of being locked away on the moon, super bad guy Nightmare Moon breaks out and starts terrorizing Ponyville. Only Twinkle Sparkle and the rest of the crew can save Ponyville and attain their dreams.

My Little Pony includes a number of fun mini games and a chance to customize Ponyville according to how the player wants. You can even interact within the game with friends. This is no cheap spin off either. Players will be treated to the real voices from the original cast.

How can I get My Little Pony?

It’s currently available in the Google Play Store free of charge. As Droid Gamers, the game is supported by in-app purchases. They are, of course, optional.

There is little else fans of the My Little Pony series could ask for. You, at some point, get to interact with the entire cast. There is customization and mini games galore. Is there anyone who’s going to get this? You know, for your kids.