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MusicBunk: Social networking app for discovering and sharing music

May 22, 2012

Do you ever wonder what type of music your friends are listening to? People don’t usually share what music they like and you may be shocked that your school bully may actually be listening to mellow songs instead of rock or that your geek classmate is a rocker.

With the help of an app called MusicBunk, you can actually check out what songs your friends are listening to. You can listen to their songs, comment on them, and even make new friends based on your favorite songs.

Social networking sites are the hot thing on the Internet. People sink their toes into social networks when they wake up, when they are working, and during almost every activity they do. They just have to post to let their friends know what they are currently up to.

MusicBunk works the same way but in the form of your favorite songs and tracks. Through this social music player, you can share your playlists, listen to the playlists of other people, and check out who has the same music taste as you do. What’s great is that MusicBunk is a cross-platform application keeping you in touch with both Android and iOS users, which also means you can make even more friends.

MusicBunk Features

MusicBunk is simple yet fun to use. To use the app, you need to log-in using your Facebook account or register a MusicBunk account. When you have registered, you can start inviting your Facebook friends to also use the app or check out friends who are already using the app through their MusicBunk profile pages.

The app will scan your music library and share it through the app, letting your friends know what music you are listening to. Your friends can like or comment on your music via Twitter or Facebook and you can also do the same thing.

When you start, you might not have a lot of friends yet, but don’t worry because the app can pick them based on your music preferences. MusicBunk will come up with friend suggestions based on the songs on your playlist. If you are listening to a particular artist’s song, then the app will pick out someone who also has the same song on his/her playlist, letting you find your perfect music matches.

Aside from those things mentioned, the app also lets you do other stuff. If you have a friend who is also using MusicBunk, you can let the app reveal how many songs the two of you have in common. You can also check out the new songs that your friends have recently added to their playlists. What’s great about it is that you can enjoy all those aforementioned features while listening to your favorite music or listening to the music of your MusicBunk friend.

So, if you want to meet new friends that have the same music preference as you do, try MusicBunk–the social media player that will let you find your music matches. You can download MusicBunk for free from the Google Play Store.

How many friends with the same music taste have you made with MusicBunk?