Murtastic review

What is Murtastic?

Murtastic is one of the more unique live wallpaper applications available right now. Instead of giving you an awesome design (or several awesome designs), the app puts the responsibility of creating something into your hands. It’s still a young app and more features are planned to be implemented but it’s off to a decent start.

Here’s how it works. When you install the app you can go right into creating your own wallpaper. You can add text, change fonts, add color, add images, add animations (dependent on your active design pack), and pages. Once you’re all done, you can set it as your live wallpaper and it will become your live wallpaper. You can use gallery images to create a slideshow or even create your own quote images if you want to.

The UI is a simple card design UI which actually looks pretty nice. In the main menu you can choose your design pack, view community uploaded wallpapers, and a few other things. For now the community uploaded wallpapers feature is being worked on and is non-operational for right now and we thought that was kind of a bummer. There aren’t a lot design packs to choose from either.

Murtastic review

Murtastic is going to be awesome once it's done.


Creating your own live wallpapers is a fun premise.
There are quite a few text, font, color, and image options. You can also include images from your library and animations.
It's free to use with in app purchases.
When community wallpapers goes live, that's going to be a fun feature.


It's clearly a young app that is still in development. They probably should've used the word 'beta' somewhere.
Community themes are not enabled.
Needs more elements. It has a solid start but there isn't a lot of depth yet.

Bottom Line

Overall, Murtastic has a lot of potential. The UI is solid and the concept is fun. It still needs some work and we’d like to see all the features enabled. It’s free to use with in app purchases so giving Murtastic a shot won’t cost you anything. Worst case, keep an eye on this one. If the developers follow through then this could be a really interesting app in the near future.

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