Photo Credits: Disney Research

That isn’t a typo. Multi-touch interfaces are nothing new, and we’ve been seeing them develop into flexible displays  and flexible batteries, recently. Organic interfaces with capability than their original concept seem to be where the development is at right now as well. Enter Botanicus Interacticus.

It sounds like a lost character from the hit cartoon series, the Transformers, but it’s not. It’s Disney’s newest glimpse into the possible future of interactivity with our devices and, more likely, animated theme parks.

The video explains better but, in short, a sensor is attached in a non-harmful fashion to the desired organic interface (in this example, plants). Then programming begins so that when certain stimuli are sensed by the interface, a resulting action will occur. As you see below, touch is relayed into audio frequencies.

Now imagine this: touching your shirt to initialize it so that you can charge your battery, insert a flexible screen in your shirt cuff where it meets your skin , and when it’s done charging, it will set off a notification sound/vibration to alert you. Sounds very Star Trek-esque doesn’t it?