Image from AndroidandMe

In a very interesting piece over at AndroidandMe website, it is clearly demonstrated the the multitouch technology that works in your Nexus One is different to that of the Motorola Droid. To be more specific, the Droid is far superior in the way in which it handles multitouch on Android.

The video displayed after the jump shows the same bespoke application running on both phones. The app visually demonstrates how the multitouch features on either device work. As you can see, the Nexus One touch often gets confused when your fingers get close together while the Motorola Droid handles perfectly. In a forum post over at the official Android Developers group, Google engineer Dianna Hackborn has noted that the Droid has a better quality touch screen. Unfortunately she does not think that a ‘fix’ for the Nexus One is looking particularly likely right now.

How this relates to the gripe Apple have with HTC and their multitouch technology, we do not know. Given that HTC’s multitouch technology in the Nexus One is running on the same operating system basics as the Droid, you would think that Apple have a case against all manufacturers that use Android and offer multitouch. Indeed, if a Google engineer specifically quotes a hardware difference as the root of the problem, we cannot understand what would make Motorola infallible in this lawsuit levelled on HTC because we couldn’t find too much alleged specifically regarding hardware. However, we’re not lawyers, so who knows!

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.