Overclocking is not for everyone. It is a task whose benefits potentially equal the risks. Since overclocking essentially entails playing around with the voltages and clock rates of various computer components, you can potentially fry your processor, motherboard, graphics card, or RAM–that is, if you do not know what you are doing.

But, suppose you are an overclocking enthusiast (and also most likely a gamer) and you also own an Android phone at the same time, then here’s some good news for you, especially if you are using Afterburner, an overclocking tool developed by Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer Micro-Star International (MSI). The Afterburner tool currently supports MSI, NVIDIA, and ATI graphics cards.

MSI has been building a free Android application that lets you control Afterburner right on your Android phone or tablet. The Android app itself does not perform the overclocking functions; it’s Afterburner that does (which means it has to be installed on your desktop PC). The Android app merely transforms your Android device into some kind of overclocker remote control.

The Afterburner program on your desktop PC keeps track of various graphics processing unit (GPU) stats such as its temperature, voltage, and fan speed. The same stats can also be viewed on your Android phone using the MSI app for Afterburner. Suppose you’re in the middle of playing a hi-def game and you want to check on your GPU’s stats without having to pause your game or having to switch to the Afterburner window. You can easily do that on your Android phone or tablet. And, if ever your GPU’s temp is rising mid-game, you can increase the GPU’s fan speed through your Android phone. You can overclock and overvolt your GPU to your heart’s content–just make sure you know what you’re doing. That’s essentially how MSI’s yet-to-be-released Android app is going to work.

Asustek actually has a similar Android app called RC Bluetooth, but it connects to your PC via Bluetooth. MSI’s app connects to your PC through your Wi-Fi network.

Take note that the MSI app for Android does not overclock your Android phone or tablet. The latter is an entirely different matter, with various degrees of success for the Motorola DROID and the Motorola XOOM.

So, non-overclocking Android-phone owner and extreme gamer, will this MSI app make you want to overclock your PC already?