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MP3dit: Easy editor for ID3 metadata, tags, and album art of your MP3s and other music files

June 14, 2012

If you are the type of person who loves seeing things in order or in correct, uniform categories, then managing your music library is probably more of a pleasure than a task. Most people would just dump their music files on their phones, not taking into mind if the files are named and sorted properly. Just as long as the audio file plays, everything else is not necessary.

But, then again, not all of us are under the umbrella of “most people”. Some of us would still want to organize our music files even to the most minute detail. The only thing we need is an application that does just that, and probably more, without even touching the computer.

MP3dit, smartly named after fusing the words MP3 and edit, is a tag editor for music files. With this app, you can edit your music files’ metadata (album name, artist, title, album art, genre, song order, etc.) using your Android phone. You wouldn’t need to hook up your phone to the computer just to edit and fix the details of your music files–tasks which can be a bit of an inconvenience especially when you are on the go.

Without complex menus on its UI, the app narrows you down to two options the moment you open the app and see its home screen. You are given the option to either Edit Songs or Edit Albums.

In Edit Songs, you can choose to filter the songs either by song titles or by artists while Edit Albums filters the songs by album titles and also by artists. Edits done to your files will be permanent even if you turn off your phone or transfer the files to another device.

In the case of split albums and scattered songs that belong to one album, MP3dit has the ability to join them just by selecting the albums or the songs that need to be joined and save them as one whole album.

The coolest feature MP3dit offers is the utilization of Google Image Search in your hunt for album art. Search results appear after a few seconds of running the online service and it is then your choice to pick the album art that you think is most relevant and if not, maybe one that greatly appeals to you.

Just by pressing the album art tile found on top when you edit your file, Google Image Search scours the net for relevant album art. You don’t even need to move much of your finger muscles; just let the app do all the searching for you. Just make sure you’ve supplied the necessary metadata on a selected track before you use the Google Image Search service.

To make tag editing even easier, MP3dit was developed to support various audio file formats such as MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, FLAC, and M4P. In a coming update, as stated by the developer, support for WMA, a revamped UI (that will probably be Holo-themed), and a few more improvements will be included, making the app more awesome than it originally was. Please do remember, this app does not download music. It is a tag editor, not a downloader.

Whether you are the type who takes every small piece of detail into account or the type who cares less about organizing, this app will surely cater to your needs. Extremely simple and easy to use, music file editing will never again be regarded as a tedious task.

Why don’t you go and grab the app and start managing your immense collection of songs? You’ll definitely love how organized your audio files will be.

The app requires Android 2.2 or higher to run and work flawlessly. MP3dit is available in two variants on the Google Play Store: MP3dit Pro (ad-free, paid) and MP3dit (ad-supported, free).