Mozilla Labs Sea Bird

Mozilla Labs Sea Bird

Apparently Mozzila have some labs where they go about all day making cool concepts of what the future will be like. ‘Who’d have thunk it’, right? Well this time they’ve come up with a pretty solid concept of what a mobile phone could be like in the not too distant future, making use of emerging technologies that exist or are about to exist. Their creation? Sea Bird! An Android based device with a whole host of awesome features that will leave you smiling.

Of course, this is really just a little bit of fun. After all, the device features an 8MP camera, dual Pico Projectors (one for display offering 45 Lumens @ 960×600 and one for interactive typing), embedded Bluetooth dongle that can act like a remote control too, 3.5mm headphone jack, wireless charging, and more. I guess after thinking about it, all these features seem realistic. Let’s face it, they could have put in a bendy OLED display too, but they thought better of that.

The take home message here from Mozzila is that when one goes about creating a concept device, one does not use Samsung’s Bada or Windows Mobile as the OS of choice. It’s Android, all the way. Enjoy the video after the jump.

[Source: Mozilla Labs]

James Tromans
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