Mozilla has been aiming to bring out new features and fresh technologies as fast as it can so that Firefox users can browse the Web as comfortably and as easily as possible. Just about a month after it brought out Firefox 4 for Android, a new version has just arrived this week: Firefox 5, for both desktop and the mobile version for Android, too.

Here’s a quick view of the feature highlights of Firefox 5 (both desktop and mobile versions):

  • Do Not Track — This feature was first incorporated in Firefox 4 for the desktop and was later on added to the beta version of the Firefox app for Android. The privacy feature is carried over to Firefox 5. Do Not Track simply helps stop websites–if the user wants to–from tracking or monitoring a user’s information while browsing online. Mozilla is working with major advertisers to make sure that the Do Not Track preference is respected and honored Web-wide. Firefox’s mobile app is the first mobile browser to implement the Do Not Track privacy feature.
  • Performance Boosts — Aside from the Do Not Track setting, the Android version of Firefox also sees faster page load times. Overall panning has also been improved. Several bugs have been fixed, and many annoying issues in the earlier version have been squashed. Mobile add-ons are also starting to accumulate for the Android version–and the good thing about the latest Firefox is that the browser doesn’t need to be restarted after one installs an add-on.
  • Developer Extras — Not exactly something that might interest everyone, the extra stuff for Web developers are also available for Firefox 5. One of these is support for CSS animation. Developers of extensions (add-ons) will also find it easier to write new add-ons with the Add-on SDK and the Add-on Builder (Beta).

If your Android device is still running an earlier version, get Firefox 5 from the Android Market for free.