Mozzila Fennec

Mozzila Fennec

In an interview with Madhava Enros, Firefox Mobile UI Lead at Mozilla, it has become clear that there still may be hope for a mobile version of this browser on Android. The introduction of Fennec for Android was moved to shaky grounds recently whereby Mozilla were unsure as to whether it would be viable. However, since then things may have changed somewhat, and there may still be hope for one of the most popular web-browsers in the world;

What would you need to improve the most in near future?
There’s a lot of work going on right now to make the browser even faster and more responsive, which is a bigger challenge on mobile devices than on powerful desktop computers. Speed is very important, and this is something that all mobile browsers are working on. We are also trying to get Firefox onto more other mobile platforms — there’s an alpha version for Windows Mobile, and there is investigation going on into making it work on Android.

This comment from the development team itself is reassuring after the recent remarks from Mozilla’s head of business a few weeks ago:

“The BlackBerry platform is basically a Java environment that they expose to application developers, and we’re not written in Java, so that’s tricky. The same is true for Android, so you won’t see our mobile browser on Android for the moment”

James Tromans

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