If you like how Netflix’s subscription works and also have a thing about watching the latest blockbuster movies in theaters, then grab the MoviePass Android app. It’s a theatrical movie subscription service that, for a monthly fee, allows users see “unlimited” movies in their local theater without worrying about the rising costs of tickets over the recent years.

After signing up and downloading the app, the service works by sending you a special debit card in the mail. You then choose a film, theater, and time on the app. The app then verifies your location and automatically checks you in once you’re at the theater. Handling the ticket transaction is done via the card.

Note that the term ‘unlimited’ in movie offerings is rather misleading. If you carefully read the MoviePass terms of service, you will find in the subscription information section that one account or subscription entitles the user to one film per calendar day, to see a particular film only once, and to obtain a single seat, which is subject to availability, for a film’s public release. Only 2D film showings are applicable through the service, so 3D film and IMAX aficionados are out of luck.

There’s no doubt you’ll love the app if you are a regular moviegoer and not bothered by the limitations in the service (not to mention the expensive subscription cancellation fee – again, do take some time to read the service’s terms of use). MoviePass members also receive exclusive perks: discounts, advanced screenings and more.

Conan Hughes
Contributor at Android Authority covering all things Android.