Do you want to dig up new books but you just don’t have the time? Don’t worry because there is a new Android app called Movellas – Read, Write, Share that can let you easily find tons of stories to digest everyday.

With Movellas, you will surely find a story to curl up with as the app caters to various genres such as fantasy, thrill, romance, and more. The app itself acts as a social network for serious readers and writers where each can gain a mutual benefit: writers get audience and readers can find something to read.

Movellas is a great app choice, whether you are a dedicated storyteller or someone who spends hours reading stories. iOS users were the first ones to use the app and now it’s recently been added to the Google Play Store to cater to Android users who have the passion for reading and telling interesting tales.

This app basically works by granting you access to a huge collection of interesting stories, all of which are ready for users’ daily enjoyment.


Upon launching this story-filled application, you will be introduced to its simple yet slick interface where you will find an extensive list of categories. Start your reading journey by choosing a category. The app has nearly all the famous categories you can think of, satisfying whatever type of story craving you have.

If you know a story, the app lets you easily find it via the search bar. Just type in the appropriate words, and skip the cumbersome process of searching through the categories.

As mentioned, the app is its very own social network where avid tale makers and dedicated readers meet. To become either one, you need to log in using a Movellas account or a Facebook account, but you don’t need to log in if you just want to explore the app.

In every story, you will find relevant stats showing how many people have read it, liked it, added it as favorite, or have commented on it. This is very helpful in easily finding interesting stories. If you are logged in, you can also like, add a story as a favorite, or leave some helpful comments for the author.

Movellas has its very own built-in reader which allows you to open and read story contents. Though the built-in reader isn’t packed with impressive functions to make room for easy and convenient reading, it’s good enough if you are on the go.

Movellas is definitely an app for finding quality reading. It can save you a lot of energy and time in looking for things to read. Divert that energy instead to pure reading moments, and enjoy all the stories you could possibly want. Despite the handy features that Movellas provides, you don’t have to spend a dime because the app is amazingly free! Download Movellas – Read, Write, Share from the Google Play Store now and enjoy reading more stories everyday.

How many stories can you read daily with Movellas?

Ken East
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