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Mount & Blade PC strategy game arrives for Android, only for Tegra 4 devices

PC strategy game Mount & Blade: Warband has now arrived to Android, at least if you happen to have a Tegra 4 powered device.
March 11, 2014

Just a few years back, most mobile games were extremely shallow and featured graphics that were far from what we’d consider attractive. While there are many casual games out there that lack complexity or bring us outdated graphics, these days there are also many games that push the limits both in terms of gameplay and graphics.

Today’s announcement of the Android version of Mount & Blade: Warband brings us a game that fits squarely into the latter of these categories. The game is actually a port of a PC game made by TaleWorlds and originally published by Paradox games back in 2010. Unlike some of the other ‘ports’ we’ve seen (such as Dungeon Keeper), this isn’t a remake or a reimagining of a PC game, and is actually the full version with optimizations that make it play nice on mobile.

If you enjoy strategy games, you’ll certainly want to check out Mount & Blade. Just be warned that it has a relatively sharp learning curve, which is typical of games published by Paradox Interactive. Once you get past this, you’ll find an excellent single-player strategy experience where you can slowly work your way up to conquer the entire fictional world of Calradia.

For those looking for multiplayer, you’ll also be happy to know that there is an action-style battle mode that lets you duke it out against other gamers.

Now for the downside: the game is exclusively available for the NVIDIA Shield and select other Tegra 4 powered devices. Considering the NVIDIA Tegra 4 hasn’t exactly found a wide level of market penetration, this leaves out quite a few Android gamers from getting into the action. Here’s to hoping this is merely a timed exclusive and that modern Snapdragon CPUs will also soon be able to get in on the action.

If the lack of Qualcomm Snapdragon support didn’t turn you away, you can download the Tegra 4 exclusive from Google Play for $6.99.