Google’s recent purchase of Motorola Mobility was quite a shock. The buyout changes a lot of things in terms of who’s holding what and what’s going to get made. Make no mistake, Google’s acquisition is a strategic move to position itself in the marketplace and we’ll be feeling the effects of this purchase for years to come.

One of the prime reasons for Google’s purchase is to protect themselves from possible litigation that targets their Android platform and throw a monkey wrench at their competitor Apple’s plans. Throughout its history, Motorola managed to amass over 17,000 patents, but all Google needs is 18 of those to make sure they’re safe.

These 18 patents have been with Motorola since 1994, and were the heart of three Motorola lawsuits against Apple. This makes them the crown jewels of the collection. This set of patents cover technology essential to the mobile device industry. This includes location services, antenna designs, e-mail transmission, touchscreen motions, software-application management and third- generation wireless.

Having paid over $12.5 billion to own Motorola Mobility, Google is sure to add to their patents to its own to keep Android safe. Google has been a busy bee in the patent department lately, with already over a thousand patents issued since the beginning of the year. Motorola Mobility’s already impressive 17,000 patents add to this, with 7,500 patents still pending.

So why is Google hot to protect its IP? The search leader has already faced several legal challenges; namely from Oracle and Skyhook. However, with Android managing to claw away nearly 44 percent of the market from Apple. This sort of behavior can cause trouble for a burgeoning IP. A single IP lawsuit can leave Android gasping for its breath.

With the recent purchase, Google is telling everyone that they can handle themselves and have a possibility of injuring Apple’s prized babies.

Source: Bloomberg