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Picture of new Motorola XT907 for Verizon uncovered, might be RAZR on a budget

July 13, 2012

Now that the Motorola Atrix HD has been unveiled, we’re rather short on talking points about Motorola.

Luckily, the dry spell is over, as a new Moto phone — with model number XT907 — has been spotted at Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba. Details are rather scarce, since the leaked picture of the phone only shows its sexy back part, but we’ll try our best to dissect it.

The Verizon logo plastered on the back is a dead giveaway that the Motorola XT907 will be yet another Droid RAZR phone designated for Big Red. It’s adorned by the same Kevlar back cover, and it apparently has an HD rear camera. It wouldn’t be a 2012 Verizon phone if it doesn’t have that 4G LTE marking as well.

A quick check done by Droid Life of the XT907 on Motorola’s website reveals a phone with similar model number that sports a 540 x 888 resolution, which isn’t exactly the norm. We’ll probably see the device donning on-screen navigation buttons. Now here’s where pure speculation takes over, as the phone is said to be powered by the speedy and efficient Snapdragon S4 processor.

The faster processor, however, doesn’t quite match the numbering of the XT907. Seeing that the Droid Razr is an XT912 phone, there’s a possibility that the lowered number XT907 is a more affordable model of the RAZR, much like the RAZR V.

And this is the end of the rumor mill for the mysterious Motorola XT907 – for now! What do you think? Could this be a cheaper RAZR model prepared by Motorola for the upcoming new school year?