With Apple’s iPhone 5 unveiling finally behind us, it’s time to start focusing on some other (and hopefully more exciting) events set to take place in September. First up, we know Motorola and Intel will have something new to show us on the 18th in London, but, unlike Apple (yeah, I said it), they’ve managed to keep the secret rather well while also raising some hype.

We had some hints unveiled during the last couple of weeks or so, but aside from knowing there’ll be a new phone presented, we know nothing for certain. The device’s name will probably be Blade or some kind of variation of Blade, and we suspect the handheld to sport an edge-to-edge display, and we also heard rumors that it’ll be some sort of a Razr M doppelganger.

Now an FCC listing of a device codenamed Motorola XT890 has been spotted, which, by all speculations, is the same phone as the “Blade”. There’s not much we can make out of the certification docs, although the AT&T-friendly 2G and 3G radios might tell us something.

The lack of LTE bands could be worrying, although there’s no way Moto’s building up so much hype around the unveiling event of a phone lacking such a basic connectivity option these days. NFC is also oddly missing, while dual-band WiFi is reporting to duty as always.

The juiciest new details about the phone, however, come not from the FCC listing, but from a benchmark spotted by Engadget. According to that, the Intel/Moto device will be powered by a processor clocked at 2 GHz. That sounds like madness to us, and, even though the CPU will most likely be a Medfield single-core unit, it will make the handheld Intel’s snappiest to date by a mile. We’re unsure how it’ll measure up against the dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4-powered Razr M, but we’re certainly excited to see that duel.

That same benchmark reveals a pretty odd 897 x 540 pixels resolution for Blade’s future display, which will most likely translate into qHD (960 x 540) with soft buttons. As for the screen’s diagonal, different rumors say different things, but we’re certainly inclining towards the scenario of the phone being a 4.3-incher.

The rumor mill would normally stop grinding at this point, but here’s a crazy thought: What if Intel made that announcement about the finishing of Jelly Bean ports to give out some sort of a clue about this new phone? Intel does need something special to wow us with after only unveiling modest low-enders from minor manufacturers; a Moto phone with a 2 GHz chip and running JB out of the box would certainly fit that bill. This is clearly only a wild speculation, but what if…?

Does anyone else think such a scenario is possible? And if it were to happen, would you run out and buy the new Intel/Motorola phone as soon as possible?


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