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Motorola XT1056 (Sprint X Phone?) spotted at the FCC

A new unannounced Motorola handset has been spotted at the FCC, the XT1056, which is now seen as a candidate for Sprint's future Google X Phone. Read on to find out!
May 23, 2013
X Phone concept
X Phone concept

A new Motorola device has been spotted at the FCC with model number XT1056, suggesting we could be looking at yet another Google X Phone variation.

While Google has not confirmed the X Phone yet, speculation based on available evidence seemed to indicate that the XT1058 (a model also seen at the FCC recently) is AT&T’s X Phone version.

Soon after that, we saw an XT1060 mentioned in a leaked Motorola file, believed at the time to be Verizon’s X Phone version.

The XT1056 has a model number that suggest it may be part of the same family of handsets, and according to the available FCC documentation, the device packs support for Sprint’s LTE bands.

Interestingly, an XT1055 has also been spotted in alleged benchmark, and was believed to be an X Phone version.


The FCC filing for the XT1056 doesn’t reveal other details about the handset, but we’ll note that the provided drawing (above) isn’t similar to the one saw in FCC documentation for the XT1058 (below). In fact, the image for the later seemed to indicate that the AT&T-bound handset could be similar to that Motorola handset spotted in Vietnam in mid-March.


To recap, so far we have two confirmed model numbers for upcoming Motorola devices, the XT1058 and the XT1056, while other two versions have appeared in various reports including the XT1055 and the XT1060 (in case they’re real, they should hit the FCC in the future as well). But we’ll have to wait some more to see whether these devices will actually be X Phones for their respective carriers, or not, so keep holding to that grain of salt for now.