With the advent of  Honeycomb 3.0 being released, many tablets are poised to take advantage of this new operating system.  One tablet, critics are saying, that may give the Motorola Xoom a run for its money, is the Notion Ink Adam.

Operating System

Notion Ink Adam will run on Android 2.2 while the Motorola Xoom will be released running Android 3.0, Honeycomb. However the Adam will get upgrades to 3.0 in the future.


Both tablets use the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip. Motorola Xoom will run on a the standard interface, while the Notion Ink Adam runs a custom made interface named Eden which has been custom made for Android 2.2 and the NVidia processor. Some initial reports are suggesting that there are some bugs to be fixed still, but given that the hardware is so solid, we have hopes for the little tablet that could.


Both tablets have 10.1″ display but the Motorola Xoom has a higher resolution. The Notion Ink Adam also has a Pixel Qi (pronounced chee) Screen which promises substantial gains in the battery department, and the ability to read and view images in direct sunlight.


The Notion Ink Adam has a nifty swivel camera, whereby it swivels from front to back, thus eliminating the need for dual cameras.  We will have to wait and see how this pans out for long term durability. The Motorola Xoom has 5 MP camera for pictures and video, and a 2 MP camera for video conferencing.

The Notion Ink Adam appears to be worthy competitor to the Motorola Xoom.  We will have to wait and see if such a small company can compete with the marketing might and experience of Motorola.

Spec Shootout:
Features Notion Ink Adam Motorola Xoom
Android Version Android 2.3 (Honeycomb said to follow) Honeycomb 3.0
Precessor Nvidia Tegra 2:1 GHz Dual-Core Processor Nvidia Tegra 2:1 GHz Dual-Core Processor
Internal Storage 16 or 32 GB 32 GB
Expandable Memory Yes (MicroSD) Yes (MicroSD)
Network 3G 3G (4G LTE Upgradeable)
Display 10.1″ WSVGA (1024 x 600), Pixel Qi Optional 10.1″ (1280 x 800) Resolution
Camera 3.2 MP Swivel Camera 5 MP Rear Facing, 2 MP Front Facing
Weight 1.6 lbs. 1.6 lbs.
Dimensions 6.3 x 9.8 x 0.6 Inches 9.80 x 6.61 x 0.51 Inches
Ports 3.5mm Headset, USB 2.0, Mini USB, HDMI 3.5mm Headset, USB 2.0, Mini USB, HDMI
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