Now that we all know that Ice Cream Sandwich is real, and we also know all the great features it’s packing for us. Still, the biggest question that remains on everyone’s mind is “when will my device get Ice Cream Sandwich?” My best guess is that we will start seeing rumored devices with ICS pre-installed before the end of the year, to be released next year. Unfortunately that means that no upgrades to ICS will come to existing devices – except the Nexus line of devices – until next year.

According to Engadget:

Xoom owners can breathe easy however, as a support forum mod (totally reliable source) confirms Moto will issue an update for its family-friendly tablet, but can’t say when we’ll see it. Feel free to check out our emulator-powered Android 4.0 tablet demo until then, but considering how long it took to slide LTE into those slabs, you should probably grab a Snickers.

That’s one more Motorola device that we know will get ICS. Last week I told you that the RAZR would be getting ICS in early2012.

Any thoughts?