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Motorola Xoom finally getting Android 4.0 ICS in Europe, only in "select markets" for the time being

June 29, 2012

A more than decent tablet at the time of its release, back in May 2011, the Motorola Xoom managed to enrage its adopters with the incredibly slow Android ICS rollout. While the Wi-Fi only version in the US got its much awaited software leap in January, the stateside 3G model, as well as pretty much all of the tablet’s versions outside the States, were left out of the update mix.

Fast forward half a year later and the frustration of Xoom users has truly reached new heights. And while many of you probably stopped hoping for (the official) ICS months back, Motorola is now coming forward with an announcement that should bring a smile to a few faces.

The ICS upgrade has “begun rolling out to Motorola Xoom owners in select markets in Europe”, according to a Facebook post on Moto’s official page. And while that’s the best news Motorola has given its clients in a long time, how the company is handling the upgrade roll out is once again disappointing.

In good old-fashioned Motorola tradition, there’s no exact update schedule to be found anywhere, and there’s also no mention on what are those “select markets in Europe” that should get ICS. Users are instead asked to check for availability, but, as far as I can tell, there’s not much to see on that page either.

I’ve checked the customer support pages for several European Xooms (namely the Romanian, Italian, UK, French, and German ones), and only the last of the bunch has a document with “ICS release notes”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Android 4.0 hasn’t started rolling out in the countries where there’s no mention about the update, but it’s yet another proof of Motorola’s terrible customer support policy.

The upgrade is supposed to come your way OTA (over-the-air), so, if you’re living in Europe and own a Motorola Xoom tablet, it wouldn’t hurt to manually check for new software packages in your settings menu. That, of course, if you have not received an automatic prompt message to download and install the new OS.

Either way, we would really appreciate it if you dropped us a comment telling us if the update is live in your country, or if you’ve heard anything from Motorola about the exact date when you should be able to install ICS on your Xoom. Thanks!