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New sources claim the Motorola X Phone will come with a 5-inch display and Qualcomm CPU

Even if the Motorola X Phone is not due out for at least a couple more months, it’s pretty obvious Google is the biggest threat to Samsung’s throne and the most likely candidate to crash the Galaxy S4 launch party.
March 12, 2013
Motorola X

Whether you like it or not, Samsung has reached the top of the Android ranks not (just) by being the OEM with the best devices in every way, but also due to a brilliant marketing department. Hype-building is probably where Sammy shines the most, so with just two days to go until the next big thing’s official intro, there’s no way anyone or anything can crash this party for the Galaxy S4, right?

Not so fast. Because, coincidentally (or not), basically all the competing forces seem to have joined hands to steal as much as they can from S4’s mojo. Xperia Z’s global rollout is in full throttle and reportedly going very well, HTC’s One could well be released on the 14th or 15th in several “key” markets, while Motorola’s X Phone is making the rumor rounds much more aggressively than before.

And even if the X is not due out for at least a couple more months, it’s pretty obvious Motorola Google is the biggest threat to Samsung’s throne.

The thing is, essentially every new X Phone story seems to conflict with previous ones, which makes this attempt at crashing the S4 launch party that much more wickedly brilliant. Why? Because it gets people talking and forgetting about Samsung and at the same time it keeps the mystery going.

Case in point, yesterday’s seemingly realistic leak of X specs, seasoned with a dark and blurry image of the device. All of which is today debunked by a new report, picked up by Ausdroid via a tip from a “well-placed individual”.


Sounds questionable, we know, so make sure you have your grain of salt nearby. Then again, we’re more inclined to trust this new report because of the following specs that replace the ones mentioned 24 hours ago:

  • 5-inch Full HD screen
  • 10 MP rear-facing camera
  • Unknown dual-core Qualcomm processor

Why 5-inch and not 4.7? Because, as much as we dig the HTC One, it seems to be the exception rather than the rule. And, while we don’t wholeheartedly agree with the principle, bigger is better in the Android décor nowadays.

10 MP camera instead of a whopping 16 MP? Bummer, we know, but Google is rumored to focus on “better optics” instead of just cramming more megapixels in the new snapper, which is in fact what most people crave for.

And finally a Qualcomm CPU instead of Nvidia’s Tegra 4i. Sounds totally legitimate, except for the dual-core part. We know four cores are not necessarily better than two, but we’d still prefer the former, right?

As for the “NXT” image from yesterday, do we really have to tell you why we think it’s fake? Well, if it wasn’t obvious already, Ausdroid has what they claim to be the original pic (the one at the top of this post). That looks like nothing but an ugly fan-made render, which was then darkened in order to seem mysterious.

So what do you guys think of this latest X Phone rumor? Could Google be feeding the media all the conflicting stories in order to steal Samsung’s thunder? Is there any way the S4 excitement can be toned down? Are you more intrigued by Sammy’s next flagship or this enigmatic non-Nexus but Nexus-like X?