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Motorola’s X Phone has been rumored for a while now. But there has not been a whole lot of solid information tied with those rumors. Today Motorola posted a job listing to LinkedIn looking for a Senior Director of Product Management for the “X Phone”.

The job listing was up for a mere few hours before getting taken down. The listing revealed very little about the handset. Unfortunately, Motorola is not Microsoft who has a history of listing a bunch of details surrounding a secret project in a job listing.

Motorola’s listing did say the X Phone was in its early stages of development though. Other than that, the job listing mentioned a few generic things about qualifications and experience that was required. Rumors prior to this listing said that we could see more information on the X Phone during Google’s I/O event later this year.

The rumor mentioned that the X Phone would not be a Nexus device, which makes this all the more interesting. Despite the X Phone not being a Nexus handset, are you excited to see what Motorola will have to offer?

Brad Ward
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