motorola -X-Phone

Oh, good! It’s Motorola X rumor time! We hope you’re ready, because this is a weird one. It seems another “well placed source” is claiming the Motorola X phone won’t be coming to Australia. That’s right, one of the largest markets won’t be getting what could be the hottest phone of the year… according to this “source”.

The source,, is listing a myriad of reasons for the failure to launch in Australia. None of them seem likely or legitimate, and all are from an anonymous source. So we have a slew of suspect reasons for the device not being made available in Australia, none of which are tracked or accountable to anyone. I like this already.

So what are those reasons? It sounds like some James Bond movie ripoff! Documents about the device are being gathered and destroyed, all emails about the device are being deleted, a substitute device in lieu of the Motorola X (reportedly named the DVX), and a carrier not playing nice. Juicy gossip?! Oh yes, please!

That carrier, Telstra, is the largest in Australia and is alleged to have not met commitments regarding the device. Motorola seems to want a commitment for 25,000 handsets, and Telstra only wants 15,000. Due to this alleged impasse, Telstra reportedly told Motorola to announce the device wouldn’t be coming to Australia. Don’t they know that Motorola can’t be told what to do?! Motorola does what it likes, and you’ll just have to accept it.

This is all suspect and speculative, so take it for what it is: a silly rumor that is worth noting, but not concern. It’s really hard to believe that this device won’t make it to an entire continent of planet earth, just because two companies can’t play nice. Both have a vested interest in selling this device, so even if this is all true… they’re sure to find a solution to this hiccup.