If you were thrilled when Motorola finally launched wood backs last month, but not so excited about the idea of paying $100 for the option or about only getting it in bamboo, then we have some great news for you! Taking to their official blog, Motorola has now announced that they will be rolling out walnut, teak and ebony options starting on January 21st. More importantly, they will also be offering all wood upgrades for just $25 from now on.

This is excellent news all around, unless you happened to be one of those that paid an extra $100 for the pleasure of having a bamboo pack. On the brightside, Motorola will be giving out a $75 credit for those who paid the original price for the wood back, but the credit is only good for accessory orders — Chromecast not included.

So how about it, anyone planning on picking up a customized wood Moto X or do you feel that the wood rollout was just way too late in the game to be worth picking up?

Andrew Grush
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