After a U.S. International Trade Commission administrative law judge issued an initial determination finding on Motorola Mobility not violating any of the three patents listed on Apple’s October 2010 lawsuit, Motorola is currently celebrating.

In a statement after the determination, Motorola Mobility’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel said:

We are pleased with today’s favorable outcome for Motorola Mobility. Motorola Mobility has worked hard over the years to develop technology and build an industry-leading intellectual-property portfolio. We are proud to leverage this broad and deep portfolio to create differentiated innovations that enhance the user experience.’

However, this determination does not end the case yet. Another six-member panel formed by members of the ITC will be reviewing the ruling in March. After which, they will be the ones to give the final verdict. But according to Zacks Equity Research, it is very unlikely that the ITC panel will contradict the determination previously made by a judge. Especially since the ITC has the power to block device imports, it is still very unusual.

This Apple lawsuit was targeted on the two touch-screen related patents and also one to the OS of Motorola Mobility.

To counteract the case, Motorola has also filed a patent infringement case against Apple and accusing it of mimicing at least 18 of their patents; including their connectivity technologies and antenna design. However, this will not start until April.


Christine Torralba
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