Apple claims the said Motorola Android devices were infringing on three of their patents. However, the ITC found no grounds for such claim, so Round 1 of this legal drama goes to Motorola.


Apple requested for the ban in October last year and the ITC just recently came out with its ruling. Apple may still appeal the ruling so Motorola isn’t out of the woods yet. Samsung is facing a similar legal battle with Apple, and the South Korean company was even forced to tinker with the design of some of their tablets to prevent a sales ban.

According to Apple, the use of an “object oriented system locator system”, an “ellipse fitting for multitouch surfaces” and the use of a multitouch touchscreen by Motorola infringed on their patents, so they sought to ban the Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X in the US. Fortunately for Motorola, the ITC thinks otherwise. The ball is now in Apple’s court if they will appeal the ruling or not.