A recent Motorola job posting hints that the company may be interested in creating a variety of wearable devices in the near future.

The company is looking for a Senior Director of Industrial Design for “wearables” with the experience, knowledge and “courage” needed to develop interesting new wearable products.

While the job description doesn’t actually mention the sort of wearable devices the company will be working on, the focus is clearly on the buyer of such devices:

Our ambition is to make Motorola a recognized leader in design of all things mobile. We will do this by creating product experiences that are lead by consumer insight and intuition, keen design sensibility and cutting edge technologies. We want our products and brand to be experienced and loved by millions of people worldwide. We want to create the new Motorola. […]

Specifically, the Industrial Design Team collaborates closely with our internal work partners to create compelling, usable and innovative products that define our brand with over a million consumers worldwide. The wearables design team will lead the establishment of our brand in the massive competitive and growing space of wearable connected products.

Motorola isn’t new to “wearables,” as the company did make a certain smartwatch that you may remember, the MOTOACTV (image above). Moreover, since Google already has one wearable gadget in testing – Google Glass – and is rumored to work on a smartwatch of its own, it certainly make sense to see its subsidiary develop a growing interest in wearable computing devices.

We’ll certainly keep an eye out for future Motorola wearable devices, as we wait for more such products to be unveiled in the near future – a recent research has shown that the smartwatch market will explode next year, with shipments expected to top 5 million units, or ten times the number of smartwatch sales estimated for this year.