Motorola are making the headlines recently left, right and center, but it isn’t necessarily all good news as far as the Android communities are concerned. It turns out that they are trying to clamp down on leaked Android 2.2 upgrades for the Droid X with a Cease and Desist order. MDW are obliging and removing the hosted files off their servers. It will be really interesting to learn whether Motorola are honestly trying to protect the consumer by preventing a ‘non-final’ build hitting their devices, or whether it is simply a more protectionist approach and red-tape.

It is fairly well known that the boot-loader on the DROID X comes very well locked and this proved rather annoying for the development community for a while. Given Motorola’s efforts to keep things on lock-down, perhaps it is not so surprising to see them involved in this Cease and Desist order.

[Source: MDW]

James Tromans

Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.