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Motorola's trade-in program offers up to $300 for your old phones

Trading in your device after purchasing a Moto X or Moto G may get you a Visa prepaid card of up to $300. Is this enough to sway you away from the competition.
September 5, 2014
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The latest and greatest smartphones have been announced this week, amongst we can find the New Moto X and New Moto G. It’s hard to decide between these and the multitude of awesome devices out there, so Motorola is making easier to decide by offering a very neat trade-in program.

Trading in your device after purchasing a Moto X or Moto G may get you a Motorola Visa Prepaid Card of up to $300. The process is simple as pie: get your quote from Motorola’s website, purchase your Moto X or Moto G, and send your old phone back before 30 days. Your Visa Prepaid Card should be in the mail shortly afterward.

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This does only apply for Moto Maker purchases. We also know the New Moto G is now available for purchase, and depending on when you read this, the New Moto X may be too. Some of you have already purchased your devices – are you now out of the loop? You can still participate, but Motorola advises that you keep your proof of purchase handy.

I got a quote on my HTC One M8 and was offered $250. Not a bad deal for a used phone. Of course, I could probably sell it for more in the streets, but we all know how cumbersome that process can become. Sometimes it’s just better to go the easy route. Go see how much you can trade your phone in for at

To learn more about Motorola’s new devices, you can check out our hands-on coverage of the New Moto X and New Moto G. They are great phones!