Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is apparently working on a new device, or a “touch computer,” which is what the gadget is described in recently discovered FCC documentation.

While it’s not clear whether this is a smartphone, tablet, or some sort of combination of the two, it certainly must run Android since Motorola is now a Google company it would make sense to run Android.

According to the available data, the touch computer will come with a variety of wireless connectivity options including LTE, GSM, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the handset will be available in two battery options, a 2940mAh one and a 4410mAh model.

When it comes to size, the touch computer measures 138 x 70mm, and 153.8mm diagonally. As you can see in the schematic below, a camera is also included.

Motorola TC55

With all that in mind, the touch computer looks more likely to be a smartphone than a tablet.

The device has a model number listed – TC55AH – and appears to be a “Motorola Solutions” product.

Interestingly, the TC55 code name is mentioned on the Motorola Solutions website. Apparently the TC55 will be launched on September 17, and it’s “built for business with a personal touch” (see following image).

Motorola has already launched four new smartphones this year, the Moto X flagship and the Verizon-only Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini.

Motorola TC55

The company is also working on a cheaper Moto X version and even rumored to make a Nexus handset. Not to mention that the company said repeatedly that it has other mobile devices in mind for the future.

We’ll be back with more details about the TC55 once we have them.

[Update:] Motorola Solutions is a standalone company, or what remained of Motorola after the mobile division became Motorola Mobility (which later Google acquired). This writer has forgotten about that particular event in Motorola’s history. The article has been updated accordingly to reflect that.

Motorola Solutions TC55

Also, thanks to our readers, we seem to have an image of the TC55, which appears to be indeed an Android-based device, as you can see in the image above that was found on Motorola Solution’s website.