Motorola launched the DEXT in Singapore today and during the Q&A portion of the press event, Spiros Nikolakopoulos, Vice president and general manager for Motorola’s Mobile Devices business, was forthcoming with a few details on Motorola’s handset strategy. Mr. Nikolakopoulos confirmed that Android was going to be the OS of choice for Motorola in 2010 with 20-30 handsets slated for release globally. Several handsets will be launched in different markets under different names. The MOTOROI, for example, just launched in Korea as the MOTOROI and will be launched in China as the XT701. Motorola is also developing three different lines of Android handsets: those that run MOTOBLUR, those that offer some customization of the stock Android, and those that run the unmodified stock Android OS. Development of these Android handsets will fall on the shoulders of the Android engineering team which is split between the US, China, and Korea. Mr. Nikolakopoulos also claims that Motorola, under the co-leadership of Sanjay Jha, is not focused on market share but does admit that the handset manufacturer needs to grab 5 to 10% to stay relevant. Let’s hope Motorola can capitalize on the success of the DROID and garner the market share that it needs to continue to bring Android to the masses. Full video of the Q&A is available after the jump.

[via CNET Asia and OCWorkbench]