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Motorola, Sprint Brewing New QWERTY Android Smartphone

June 28, 2011

A while back, Sprint took the Motorola Droid Pro (which was on Verizon) for a spin and rebranded it as its own Motorola XPRT. Sprint and Motorola, these days, are hand-in-hand again in the labs to come up with a new Android smartphone–another portrait QWERTY again.

In fact, the tipster that leaked the news to PopHerald said that, although the new QWERTY smartphone is not entirely XPRT in look and feel, the phone does have features that remind you of the Motorola XPRT. For instance, the new device will still have a full, four-row QWERTY keyboard, but the rows will be fashioned in a “smile pattern” (as opposed to the “ruler pattern” of the XPRT) and will be “curvier” than the keyboard rows on the Motorola XPRT.

Allegedly one who is familiar with what Motorola and Sprint have in the works right now, the source also mentioned that the upcoming device may include support for 4G WiMax. The phone will also be blessed with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The tipster also sent in an “evidence” photo showing the Sprint logo in between the top-most keyboard row and the row of Android buttons at the bottom of the capacitive touchscreen.

Here’s the alleged photo of the new device (on the left) with the Motorola XPRT (on the right) for comparison:

We’ll keep you posted regarding further details about this upcoming baby from Motorola and Sprint. Meanwhile, what features would you like this upcoming QWERTY phone to have?

Image credit: PopHerald