Motorola had its website redesigned lately and some glitches on the site revealed various new devices that we are hoping to come sooner. These glitches have already been fixed. However, some images have been captured before they went missing–thanks to Pocketnow, who immediately took screenshots.

Just to clear things up, these images are good for the eyes and there are no specific details yet. Maybe, because of this, Motorola will be forced to speak out and formally reveal these new devices.

“Dick Tracy never saw this coming.” This is the tagline that goes along with the device named Tracy XL. I wonder what this device is, but it looks more like a watch phone with a front-facing camera. Cool! As of the moment, we still have a question mark over our heads as to whether this is just an add-on or a standalone device.

Following Tracy XL is the Slimline, a gunmetal gray-colored phone which has a fascinating narrowing effect on the back that meets with the camera, and somewhat looks oblique at the topmost part of the phone.

Also on the list is the Zaha that comes with the tagline “The future. Now.” Very thought-provoking. What can it probably bring in the near future?

The Targa, unluckily, did not get any screenshot of its own. The ‘new’ Droid Bionic (i.e., the Targa) has the same color as the Slimline as you can see at the foot of the image. Also, there’s a new Motorola phone named Pearl; a partial view of its upper portion is shown on the bottom-right of the bottom strip of the screenshot.

And, last but not the least, is the Xoom 2. Just like the Targa, it did not get any screenshot that focuses it. However, the bottom part of the image reveals it. It still has a resemblance to the first Xoom, and for now, we don’t have much detail about it.

Motorola apparently has more stored in its arsenal. Others say the “glitch” was probably an honest one. Some say it was a leak. But, what do you think?

Source: Pocketnow