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Motorola Shamu is rumored to be a scaled up version of the new Moto X, pictured here

A new report from 9to5Google confirms some of the specifications rumored for the Motorola Shamu and fills out new details about its appearance and features.

Shamu is believed to be a device co-developed by Motorola and Google, potentially as a Nexus device. In the past, some have called this device “Nexus 6” or “Nexus X” but there is zero convincing evidence to support either of these monikers, so we’ll just refer to it as Shamu.

According to 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall, the Shamu will feature a 5.92-inch Quad HD screen (498 ppi), and not a 5.2-inch screen, like claimed by some benchmarks-based reports in the past. The device will feature a Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage (at least one version).

The large footprint of the device will enable a massive 3,200 mAh battery, while the cameras will be 13MP on the rear and 2MP on the front.

motorola shamu render

The Shamu’s appearance will be very similar to the second generation Moto X. In fact, the report calls it a “scaled up version of the Moto X.” The image above is a render that supposedly resembles closely the real device. While ports on the Shamu are placed in the same position as on the new Moto X, the power button and the volume rocker are located towards the middle of the device, to make them easier to reach.

An image leaked earlier this week by HelloMotoHK seems to corroborate 9to5’ description of the Shamu. The image supposedly shows the back cover of the Moto S, which is either Shamu or a similar Motorola-branded device.

motorola moto s

It’s not clear for now what the round hole on the back of the Shamu will house. Nexus devices typically have prominent Nexus branding, but we can’t rule out that the Shamu will feature Motorola’s M logo, just like the new Moto X. Or, the opening could be used for a fingerprint scanner or something else, but that’s just speculation.

Android Authority has learned that new Nexus hardware will be announced around mid-October, with public availability set for November 1.

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