a href="https://www.androidauthority.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/motoblur-canada-dext-quench-backflip.jpg">Good news for Canadians on Wednesday as Motorola announced that it is bringing three MOTOBLUR handsets to Canada with all the major wireless carriers. All three devices have been previously announced and include the Motorola DEXT (CLIQ), the Motorola BACKFLIP, and the Motorola QUENCH (CLIQ XT). Despite their common MOTOBLUR interface, each handset offers something different for the Canadian Android user- the DEXT features a side sliding QWERTY keyboard, the BACKFLIP offers an unusual, backwards-folding, external QWERTY keyboard and the QUENCH sheds the physical keyboard and adopts a full touchscreen design. If you need a refresher on each handset, check out our video reviews of the CLIQ/DEXT, the BACKFLIP, and the CLIQ XT/QUENCH.