We all know that Samsung is going to have the first phone with Ice Cream Sandwich, because the Galaxy Nexus was made by Samsung, but everyone who purchased a phone over the past year wants to know – what manufacturer and what devices are set to get ICS next?

Well, it’s a good question, and as much as we would love to – we really cannot answer it accurately at this point in time. Only time can answer that. But, the RAZR is looking to be the first device to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, and I say upgrade because the Galaxy Nexus will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich, no upgrade required. However, if the past experiences of upgrades to Eclair, Froyo, and Gingerbread hold true to Ice Cream Sandwich then it might be even longer before the RAZR gets its Android 4.0 update.

This would also give the Galaxy Nexus a lot of spotlight time, and those who don’t like or want the Galaxy Nexus probably won’t like that.

Motorola, today, announced to members of the European press, that they plan to bring Android 4.0 to their new flagship device “at the start of 2012.”

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope that the first upgrade to ICS is before the end of the year. Because we all want to have Ice Cream right? I know I want some ICS love on my HTC Sensation.

How about you – do you think your device will get Ice Cream Sandwich?

Via: Pocket-Lint